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Join our Partner Accelerator Today

Becoming a Droplet Computing partner opens a world of new and exciting revenue generating opportunities.

Our solutions help transform the way applications are delivered and this, matched with your application expertise, ensures your clients are best served.

Our Enterprise Edition is sold exclusively via partners and delivers unparalleled benefits to corporates, governments and enterprise users, enabling them to remain productive with their familiar apps on any device, even offline.

Our Education and Not-For-Profit solutions help institutions to rapidly improve access to relevant applications simply, quickly and cost-effectively.

Supporting mutual success

We welcome partnership applications from resellers, system integrators, and OEMs. Partners are empowered to develop value-added products and services based on Droplet Computing container technology. Together we can deliver innovation by redefining application delivery.

Follow our simple onboarding process and, once approved, your internal teams can access relevant content and training materials to make them effective without delay.

You can register leads and deals and collaborate with us via our intuitive self-service Partner Accelerator portal.


Droplet Computing requires partners to provide first and second line support services. We are on hand to support our application delivery containers, but you will be required to support any application installed therein unless they are listed in our Software Compatibility List.

Partnership Benefits

Redefining Application Delivery with Droplet Computing

The Droplet Computing Universal Container allows you to deliver applications without the need to repackage or virtualize them using third-party solutions, and instead delivers them in exactly the same way as you would deliver them currently. Only now your applications are made fully portable by delivering them into a containerized environment, the Droplet Universal Container, that is completely portable, runs within your browser, regardless of device and whether you are online and offline.

The Droplet Computing Partner Network has been designed to help our partners grow their business by allowing them to accelerate and build a portfolio of services & solutions designed to deliver application freedom and user choice.