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What is Droplet Computing?

Droplet Computing is redefining application delivery with its patent-pending application container technology. Enabling applications to be delivered on any device by decoupling your applications from the OS for online and offline use, delivering significant business value by providing costs savings, increasing user productivity and so much more……

“It’s quite remarkable to think of how this could shape computing for the years to come.”

James Ramey - CEO, Codeweavers

“Promises to save significant amounts of time and money when rolling out upgrades.”

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Marcus Blackburn - Operations Director, Civica

“Droplet Computing is a true digital disruptor and, frankly, has ripped apart the rule-book. Enabling everyone to be a digital citizen.”

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John Hotham - Head of Information Technology and Systems, Central YMCA

“The most exciting End User Computing product in decades.”

Yuri Pasea - CEO, Prianto

“Droplet Computing will revolutionise application delivery as we know it. This is the missing link in End User Computing.”

Sunil Modhvadia – CTO, Triangulate IT

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